The Subjectivity Clause

In many ways, there should be no need for me to write this post since it should be quite clear that this is a subjective project, but I thought that I should take the opportunity up front to acknowledge the extent of that.

As I’ve mentioned, what I am taking from these talks and how I am applying them to my life may not be the main topic or message that the speaker was putting out there. I know that I am applying a subjectivity filter around them, I have taken what I want; in most cases what I need. Some people may even feel that what I have taken from the talks wasn’t there in the first place, that I have missed the point. For them that might be true but, as many of the speakers note, we have our own mental models and bring our own interpretation into all interactions.

I’m more than happy for a speaker to tell me if I have entirely missed the point of their talk, but for everyone else – well how can you be sure that your interpretation is any more or less valid than mine? The thing is that a truly inspirational speaker will resonate with an audience on many different levels and in many different ways. Since I have chosen some truly inspirational talks to include in my project I expect that what I heard will be different from what other people may have heard because of my mental model and previous experiences.

All this is saying is that I am happy to engage in a discussion about why I have taken one aspect over another, or how I came to a particular learning from a talk – but you can’t say that I am wrong to include it for a particular reason, just like I can’t say you are wrong for thinking that I might be wrong.

And with that circular discussion over with, it is also important to remember that this is a practical exercise. This means the things that I have taken from the talks also have to be able to be applied fairly simply, within a 30 day period. So whilst there were some incredibly inspiring and thought provoking talks that I would have loved to include, there weren’t any practical or tangible take aways that I felt I could use for this project. That is why there are so many concept talks and why I have a category for opportunity talks.

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