Activity 21 – 30 days of balance

The talk
This activity is based on Nigel Marsh: How to make work-life balance work, which is a really interesting talk (and also nice to hear the rare Australian accent on TED). One of the key parts of Nigel’s talk is that if you don’t design the life you want then someone else will design it for you. We need to attend to physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual sides of our lives, not just one or a couple. It’s about small changes in our lives that can radically transform it and make it more balanced.

The challenge
While this activity will focus on using aspects of Nigel’s talk, it is of course a culmination of the last eleven months of TED activities. It requires me to look at everything I have learned about myself and what I want from my life, the parts of activities I want to keep and what else I might need to think about.

The real challenge will be to pull together all of the things I have learned about myself and what I want from my life throughout this year. This will require a further reflection on all of the things I have learned, but more importantly it will require me to try to pull them together into some sort of integrated outline for my life.

The activity
The main concept for this activity is to come up with a model “perfect day” for myself. That is designing a perfect work day for myself and all of the components that will and will not be included.

I’m hoping that this activity will allow me to try to tie a lot of the learnings from the last eleven months together into a practical road map for me to move forward with. It won’t include everything of course, but I think it will be a fantastic way to end the project.

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