9 posts you should read about My Year of TED

I’ve had a lovely time the last week, since the TED Blog was [I want to say misguided enough but I know that is just my self-deprecating nature] wonderful enough to post another article about me. It’s entitled “How my Year of TED was a lot like the Wizard of Oz: A Q&A with Kylie Dunn“, but many of you are probably aware of that already. It is a Q&A that I did with one of their lovely writers, Kate Torgovnick May, about my TEDx Talk and my experience with TED.

For those you who are new here, you may not know that I wrote an article for the TED Blog that was published around this time last year. The result of both of these has been a massive spike in the audience for this blog – but it means I left again with the feeling of “so what do I do now to capitalise on all of these new people?”

What happened last time

Last year I don’t think I capitalised on it all very well, or even at all if we want to be brutally honest. This time I want to make sure that the new people find a reason to stay and follow along with what will happen next in my life – that they find the content of the site valuable in some way.
So I decided that, rather than letting you trawl through the 290 posts on the site, I would give you another guidepost [although I always say that the Project Overview page is a great place to start]. These posts will give you some idea of what you can expect if you decide to hang around and give me a chance to be part of your world – and for people who have been here a while, there might be one or two in here you haven’t discovered yet. They are only from the actual year of the project, are in time sequence, and are special to me because of the different things that they represent (realisations, epiphanies, struggles and achievements).

1. The one following my first major vulnerability meltdown on Day 2

This was posted up on Day 5, so I had taken the time to think about the complete meltdown I had on the evening of Day 2. I also had to give my talented brother, Matthew, a couple of days to get the artwork done (it’s actually one of my favourite images)
Vulnerable (adj) capable of being physically or emotionally wounded

2. The one where I first talk about depression

This was just over two months in and was prompted by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess). It gave me the opportunity to advocate, and talk about JD Schramm’s amazing talk. It was even more lovely that he read the post and commented on it – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the speakers were lovely and supportive.
I am not alone

3. The one where I start revealing the development of my why

This was a great post for me to write, it helped me clarify some things in developing my why. I also liked it because there was a lot in this one that I hadn’t said out loud to people before, and I always found those posts challenging and very satisfying. It’s also interesting that it was followed by a post three days later with something vital that I left out.
Day 82 – Starting to outline my why

4. The one where I talk about the challenges of being in the Air Force

This was one of the many times during the project where a random new talk on TED provoked something very important – this one from General Peter van Uhm was all down to the timing and where my head was at.
Living in the Grey

5. The epiphany about everyone’s need to feel valuable

If I hadn’t been doing My Year of TED I might have missed this lesson and realisation altogether. It was something simple that happened to a work colleague, but the story had a profound effect on me about value. I loved these little moments during the project, when I was just more aware and open to connecting the dots with experiences.
How do we judge our value?

6. The one where I take a stand to challenge preconceptions

I’m not usually a very political person, unless you know me well and I’m willing to argue with you 🙂 So this post took a lot for me to write and place on the blog. It’s not that controversial, but I am very proud of putting my viewpoint forward. I’ve been thinking I need to reinvigorate this one with the current political climate in Australia.
The danger of stereotypes in the “boat people” debate

7. The one about not waiting until the end

During 30 days of more happiness we visited my father-in-law for the last time – he passed away less than a week after we left. I was so glad that I was doing this activity when I was up there, and it’s hard to pick which of the four posts around that time I would include, but I decided on this one, which focused on Ric Elias’ three things.
Day 161 – Ric’s three things take on new meaning

8. The one where I talk about Susan Cain’s wonderful book

Theoretically this could be one of twenty posts, but this is the big one where I talk about how important it has been in raising the issue of extroverts not understanding introverts – and the impact that has had on my life.
Day 207 – Why Susan Cain’s book is so important

9. The one where I start verbalising my lack of active decision making

It took a while for me to pull together the whole concept of passive decision making during choice and being wrong, this post is nearly there, but not quite. It’s interesting because I can look at it and feel the thought process. The risk aversion post that came a few days later is a continuation of these thoughts.
Day 267 – Regrets… I have a few

I hope that you enjoyed this selection. I’d love to know if there has been a particular post that you have enjoyed on the blog? Feedback is always encouraged 🙂 I would also encourage you to sign up to the email list (on the top right of the page) – there will be a new freebie out soon that subscribers will receive.

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