What can I do to help you? No seriously, I want to know

Last week I released Finding your way home: the dinkylune manifesto, which is free when you subscribe to the dinkylune newsletter. There is a blog post (including sign up form) on the dinkylune website about the booklet.

This is a huge step for me because it is defining my business and what I want to give to the world. For the past 28 months I’ve been writing this blog, capturing my experiences, thoughts and feelings as I have gone through the journey to find my authentic self. It has satisfied my personal desires to Do. Share. Inspire. – but now I need to take that all a step further to start satisfying my why.

My purpose, cause and belief
For those of you who may not have been here that long, during 30 Days of Drive I developed the following definitions for my Why:

  • My Purpose – To help people understand our world a little better and make life easier
  • My Belief – Life should be as fair as possible and everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential
  • My Cause – Trying to make society more equal and help people see their own abilities/strengths/value.
What this means for you
Throughout the last six months I have been actively trying to work towards these lofty goals, with a few wins along the way. It’s taking the Do. Share. Inspire. to a whole other level – for me and you.
I’m imagining that most of you have been following along with this blog because you have experienced, or are experiencing, a lot of the same obstacles that I have been trying to overcome during the project. One of the things I know for certain from this journey is that whilst our own set of experiences, thoughts and beliefs might be unique and special to us, there are universal concepts and obstacles that underlie the vast majority of them.
At the core of this journey, and this blog, have been:
  • peeling back the layers to understand my authentic self and what I want to do with my life – layers of memories, pain, emotion, protection, expectations, shoulds, envy and fear to name a few
  • giving myself permission to make changes in my life to become the person I want to be
  • sharing everything as a way of connecting with other people and trying to overcome some of my perfectionist traits
  • doing things rather than sitting back and thinking about what I might do
  • generally trying to become a better person.
How many of these do you want to achieve in your life? Be honest with yourself, there is a reason that you are here – and there is a reason that I am here as well. I’ve struggled to define that and to own it, but this is what I have come up with:

I help people like you develop an understanding of their authentic selves so they can live a more fulfilled life.

I’ve struggled with the label
This has been difficult for me to define and to own because it means that I am offering myself up as an expert of sorts – and this goes to the very core of one of my more broken aspects of myself. But I just have to get over that, because I completed a very unique and challenging project that allowed me to discover a lot of things about myself – it even helped my accept and/or fix some of them.
The important thing is that I am desperate to share it with you, and with people who are unhappy being in the same situation I was in. So I decided that the best way to be brave about all of this is to own it by saying it out loud – writing it on the blog is saying it out loud.
How can I help you?
I’ve never really asked you this before, and it isn’t because I’m not interested – nothing could be further than the truth. I’ve asked you question and asked for your input a number of times, but I’ve never asked the obvious question – how can I help you? What do you want or need from this blog, or from dinkylune? Surely you aren’t just here to watch the car crash and see what I’m going to meltdown over next?
So now I’m asking you explicitly, because I really am here to help.
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