Thursday, May 22, 2014

Money, Mastery and Meaning - a great quote from James Altucher

I subscribe to James Altucher's Insider's List. He sends some amazingly insightful snippets into my inbox. Today was a brilliant piece about the three ways you can be paid - money, mastery and meaning.

This was my favourite quote and, given that I am about to embark on the challenge of being my own boss, has become my new wallpaper:

Just thought I would share that one with the rest of you. Hope you are all having a 3M kind of day.


N A Eldred said...

Read that this morning myself. That man has had one hell of a life and has drawn some deep lessons from it. If you haven't read his book Choose Yourself, I recommend it before you begin your solo journey. I plan to read it again soon.

Adam Bailey said...

Hey, I thought you were a squirrel? What... Will somebody please tell me what's going on?! WHAT'S HAPPENING!?!?!!!

Anni said...

Like it alot Kylie...

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