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2016’s Intentions Were Be, Push, Pull – How Did It Go?

It’s that time of year again where I review how my intentions for 2016 actually went. For 2016 my three words were Be, Push and Pull – you can read the original post here. And how did they work for me throughout the year? Let’s find out…


In all honesty, this is the word I thought about least. That doesn’t mean I didn’t honour the intention of the word, just that it wasn’t foremost in my mind. I tried to maintain a positive mindset about all the required actions that I still feel out of my depth with, but I can’t say I did this without hesitation or fear – let’s be honest, that is an unrealistic ideal anyway.

I’m comfortable I did allow myself to BE more, and that means allowing myself to be less as well. This included continuing to switch between the numerous roles in my business – creator, marketer, supporter, administrator and the like. There were a few new adventures this year, and some of them could have been dealt with better, but I’ve made steps in broadening my business.

This isn’t a word that I would include again, because it didn’t stimulate a focus for me – there wasn’t enough strength in the intention of this word for me.


This word did maintain an important focus for me throughout the year, although I still fell short. I continued to push Do Share Inspire, with the book launch, appearing on a couple of podcasts, and getting into a couple more bookshops. It didn’t get the reach I would have liked during 2016, and I could have pushed a lot harder, but this is a constant theme in my life.

The fact that I wrote and published a second book this year, Write to Launch: A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishing, was another push for me in self-publishing. Again, I didn’t promote or put it out into the world as much as I could have. But it has started something for me, another line to my business helping people self-publish – which will expand with courses next year. This has been very gratifying, seeing other people realise their publishing dreams.

I also pushed in the facilitation stakes this year, expanding the training I provide through the Australian Institute of Management. I’m finding that I am much more confident in facilitating training now. I still find it an exercise in vulnerability that I am sometimes ill-prepared for.

And working with the ‘pushing outside my comfort zone’ – I did flying trapeze earlier this year (unsuccessfully), and continued to push skills and abilities with static trapeze as well. I pitched to a few literary agents, and asked people to help promote and support my books as well. There were many moments where I had to own it and push, and for the most part I managed to push the fear aside and do it.

Where I fell down was pushing my fictional writing and pushing my own business harder. I’m not sure that I will ever crack the ‘promotion’ element of running a business, and being a self-published author – but I’m not giving up with it all, hopefully I will find a way to increase audience and influence in 2017.


This year I felt far more balanced, and I did make sure I was pulling back to support myself better. Okay, a couple of times I might have pulled back too far, or pulled back for too long, but I was better as self care this year than previous years. I think the inclusion of aerial trapeze in my life has helped with that pulling back, I have felt far stronger and physically well this year than the last few years (even with a broken toe, bruises and bursitis in my shoulder).

Taking time to read more, and reading for pleasure alone, was one of the ways I practised self care this year – this I intend on continuing into 2017. I need to work through the huge stack of books beside my lounge chair, so I want to keep time and focus on reading. I also took more time to doodle (or zentangle) as part of my pulling back, creating some colouring pages for subscribers, among other designs. And turned some of my drawings into products on Redbubble.

Importantly, Derek and I did more travelling and visiting friends and family throughout the year. We haven’t done that enough in the last couple of years, and taking that time was a great way to regain balance in our lives.

Final comments on 2016

My three words for 2017 have been finalised, that post will come out on New Years Day. When I look at this analysis of Be, Push and Pull it makes more sense why I chose a couple of the words I did 🙂

This is a great way of setting intentions for your coming year, and far more effective than resolutions. It’s definitely helped me maintain a better balance in 2016 than previous years, particularly the years since leaving paid employment. Trying to establish your own business, or operate as a freelancer, is not an easy process to undertake. These words have helped me regain more life balance. Hopefully my 2017 words will add more intention to that as well.

And remember, I’ve created a two page 2017 planner that is free for you to download (completely free, no sign up required):

Get your 2017 Structure and Intent Template

It even has space for you to capture your own three words for 2017 – I’ll share mine with you shortly.

Do you know what you want most for 2017? What is your focus and intention for the year to come? Share away in the comments if you want – remember public accountability is great for personal development 🙂


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