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A Free 2017 Planner for You and the Giveaway Winners

Have you started planning for 2017 yet? Do you spend time in December plotting your intentions and focus for the next year? If so, I have a template that can help you pull that together this year. But first…

Congratulations to the 2016 Giveaway Winners!

The prize packs will hopefully go out on Monday (sadly whatever is going on with my lower back prevented me getting them out today). The winners are:

  • Jay from the United States is getting the Personal Growth pack
  • Katharina from Sweden is getting the Leadership pack.

Are you ready for 2017?

December is whizzing by, like the rest of the year in my opinion. I’ve started planning for 2017, trying to come up with my focus and three words for the year.

I recently designed a few new journal pages for myself – yep they are likely to end up in a more structure journal than the Do-Pad, but that is a future conversation. Anyway, I thought I would combine a few of the features I’ve included and create a simple two-page planner to set up 2017 for myself. And since I did that for myself, why not share that planner with you guys.

So you can download the 2017 Structure and Intent planner for yourself – no sign up required.

Get your 2017 Structure and Intent Template

Of course, if you subscribe to my mailing list you get a whole range of resources to help you regain control of your life, but you’ll do that when you’re ready 🙂

I’ll do a three words post in the coming weeks – like the end of every other year – but for now I think I need to get back to my planning process.

Setting your intention is a powerful thing to do. It helps keep you focused when life is throwing you curve balls, and if I’ve learned anything from My Year of TED it’s the power of focus! So if you’ve never done this sort of process before, why not try it out for 2017.

What’s included?

So the template allows you to capture a couple of things:

  • Your hopes for the year to come – if you’ve defined success statements for yourself this might be a great place to start.
  • Your three main focus areas for the year – you might have more but keep it simple.
  • Your three words for the year – see my three words for 2016 post for more details.
  • Habits – what do you want to start doing or stop doing; don’t plan too much for this.
  • How will you practice self-kindness – there are some suggestions, but if you know what you do stick with that.
  • Weekly schedule – I found this to be a valuable way of maintaining focus this year, so I thought I would include it for you. As a freelancer, it helped me define the key focus for each day; I need to make it a better habit this year because it works.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for this freebie, or share with me what you do with it. 

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