2018 Three Words

My Three Words for 2018

Happy 2018! I hope that you’ve all started the New Year in a positive way – I’ve definitely hit the ground running.

If you haven’t read anything on my three words before, it comes from Chris Brogan and you can read his 2018 post for more details. I find it’s a great way to set my intentions for the year, they help keep me focused. In previous years the words were:

  • 2017 – Structure, Serve, Write
  • 2016 – Be, Push, Pull
  • 2015 – Build, Strong, Focus
  • 2014 – Brave, Calm, Connect
  • 2013 – Creating, Connecting, Consolidating
  • 2012 – Do, Share, Inspire

I struggled a bit with sorting the words for this year, because of how little I felt I met them last year (you can read the reflection if you haven’t already). But I’m happy with what I settled on, and think these will work well for me. This is a short video of the three word image (it’s 30 seconds and is one of the nice features of Adobe Draw on the iPad Pro).


It’s the first time I’ve ever repeated a word, but this is something I really need to sort out for myself this year – in many areas. This year it about automating and systematising things – think checklists and scheduling more than anything.

Again, I’m hoping that the structure will help me achieve the other words here.


Time to pull up the big girl panties and sort this business thing out. Yes, 2017 was very successful, but that was largely from one source and that won’t continue forever, so I need to grow the business. I’ve also become the President of The Circus Studio, so it’s also a word focused on helping grow that presence and community. And because of the work I’ve been doing with Swinburne Professional, and how involved I am with it, I also want to help grow their offerings and Tasmanian presence.

But ideally this is about dinkylune Pty Ltd – growing my confidence in pitching for business; getting more clients; understanding and promoting my offerings; and regaining some of the online presence I feel I lost last year.


I guess this could be seen as a repeat, given my three words for 2016 – but I don’t see it that way. This year I need to reclaim time from the paid work with clients to achieve my stalled life goals. Yes, this includes writing more (blogs and books); playing more with circus and other creative endeavours; and simply creating more space in my life to relax and enjoy it.

So this is my intention for 2018 – a year of structure, growth and balance. Let’s see how it goes, I hope I can create more time and space for myself this year, while still achieving on the work front.


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