Kylie’s inspirational message is simple – how does an ordinary person take back ownership of their life, and dreams.

TEDxHobart speaker and author of Do Share Inspire: The Year I Changed My Life Through TED Talks; Kylie shares the wisdom and experiences gained from a diverse career and her My Year of TED project.

"I want to help you create a fulfilled life, because I believe the world will be a better place when we are all doing something that makes us feel whole."

Each presentation is tailored for the audience, providing insights and ideas worth spreading for the people you need Kylie to reach. With a mix of honest wit and a reputation for turning theory into practical actions, Kylie delivers a unique blend of inspiration and tangible knowledge to help you live the life you want.

You will be engaged, entertained and empowered by her performance.

Kylie’s core message is if you don’t know what you want your life to be, you cannot make the positive decisions needed to get there.

Through the well-loved children’s story, the Wizard of Oz, Kylie explains how there are four elements you need to live the life you want - Wisdom, Compassion, Courage and Authenticity.

Kylie shares her journey through a frank discussion of her own faults, failings and passive decisions, many of which you will find familiar. You will learn that finding your way home is a journey anyone can take, as long you are brave enough to make the choices you need to get there.


Giving yourself permission to pursue the life you want - understanding your values and what success looks like for you is vital to pursuing the life you want. If this has eluded you, Kylie explains how you can gain this knowledge. Once you know where you want to go, then courage and self-compassion are needed so you permit yourself to make the changes you need.

Why don't we just call it life balance? - breaking from the traditional concepts of 'work/life balance' as a scale, Kylie explains a different way to think about how to live a balanced life. It's a matter of understanding your tipping point, maintaining awareness in the moments, and having mechanisms in place to regain equilibrium.

Regaining the confidence to make difficult decisions - you remember slights and criticisms more than you do achievements and compliments, it’s only human. As you get older, the list of ‘bad’ decisions and regrets piles up, making you doubt yourself. The result can be that you become a passive decision maker. Kylie explains the importance of confidence for positive decision making, and how you can regain that confidence.

The power of taking action, not just being inspired - how many inspirational videos have you watched? How many inspiring keynote speakers have you listened to? Do you ever put that inspiration into action? Discussing her My Year of TED project, Kylie talks about the power of taking action, and how important it is to find a practical take away from an inspiring message.

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We invited Kylie Dunn to be a speaker at TEDxHobart in 2014. Kylie spoke about her year long experience living TED talks and the trials and tribulations of doing so. Her talk is one of our most watched talks from TEDxHobart. Working with Kylie was a breeze, Kylie was receptive and accommodating to feedback. Kylie has an inspiring story to tell about trying something new and making positive changes to her life to find herself. – Gordon Luckman, Co-organiser, TEDxHobart

Kylie was a keynote speaker to an audience of 150 young people, at the Youth Network of Tasmania's Tasmanian Youth Conference. Kylie was able to engage a diverse range of young people (age, interests and ability) and provided them with tools to reflect on their own experiences and choices. Upon reading the feedback from the audience, I personally was impressed with Kylie's ability to inspire the audience with her own journey and subsequent consideration they had gone on to do, utilising the tools Kylie provided.Joanna Siejka, CEO, Youth Network of Tasmania

Thank you so much Kylie, for your brilliant talk at the Shaping Change Inner Circle. I left inspired to work more on making the positive decisions that keep me in the “balance zone” across all areas of my life. Your story is uplifting, deeply reflective and joined some dots for me that I hadn’t realised were gaps in my thinking. I loved the metaphor of the acrobat performing using silks, and the art in knowing when to stop pulling on the silks and start pushing, to maintain the perfect balance. I love the success statements activity. Thank you again for sharing. – Ros Cardinal, Principal Shaping Change

I would like to recommend Kylie as an inspiring speaker at your next event or personal or professional development training. Kylie has been a speaker at 2 events that I have been involved in creating and both times was received very well by her audience. The first event was a two day conference for entrepreneurs in the disruptive space where she shared her "Year of TED" story, the 2nd for a group of business owners where the topic inspired those in the room to find their inner strength and courage by giving themselves permission so that they may reach goals that have been set. This talk included a powerful personalised symbol and a take away tool to take action. Kylie has committed to speaking at an event I will hold in May. Having seen Kylie grow as a public speaker over the last 2 years, I eagerly await her contribution to the business event. Kylie speaks from the heart and is passionate about enabling others to shine and live a fulfilled life. Her own experiences and journey should be shared and shared often to encourage others to live the life they want. – Alison Rogers, Principal Pulse Services

Kylie Dunn is an inspirational, heartfelt speaker who shares an amazing story of self-discovery. As the curator of Disruptive Tasmania in 2013, I invited Kylie to organise a day dedicated to sharing TED Talks, and her own My Year of TED story. The audience strongly connected with Kylie’s key message for our event – that inspiration was only the first step in a process. Following her talk, everyone committed to doing something when they returned to their daily life. I would highly recommend Kylie as an inspirational speaker, who shares an amazing story that everyone can connect with in some way. – Bill Aronson, Curator Disruptive Tasmania

Those who know her say that she has a reputation for turning her introspection into inspiring, action-based, productive projects that they wish they'd thought of doing. – Denise Fisher, CEO Fisher Solutions


Kylie has led a diverse, successful and sometimes complicated life – like many of us do. After three significant career changes, two failed marriages and a nagging lack of fulfilment, she knew there was a problem, but wasn’t sure how to fix it. With a reputation for turning theory in practice, Kylie created her own self-development program; a year long project of 30 day activities, based on TED Talks. My Year of TED took these ideas worth spreading and turned them into 21 tangible activities – allowing Kylie to rediscover her authentic self, change her life, and finally take ownership of what she wanted.

Through the well-loved children’s story, the Wizard of Oz, Kylie shares her journey in a way that honours her new commitment to vulnerability and authenticity. Having finally removed the shackles of perfectionism (well loosened) she is free to share her meltdowns, anxiety and failures; alongside her triumphs and achievements. Now a TEDx speaker herself, Kylie’s story has inspired thousands through TED, National Geographic Learning, ABC Radio and the My Year of TED blog. TEDxHobart speaker and author of Living with Intent: The 10 Steps to Discovering Your Why from My Year of TED; Kylie shares the wisdom of 54 TED Talks, and a range of experiences and lessons from her project. She takes audiences on a Yellow Brick Road journey, with a difference, where they’ll discover that there is no place like home – living your authentic life and pursuing your own goals.