I’m not doing this without a net – none of us are

We are never truly alone, even when we might think we are – I tend to forget that sometimes. There is an image I designed over 12 months ago now, which I really like – I’ve even used the words on one of my shirt designs – I’m doing this without a net. I created it partly as a homage to the circus stuff I do and the fact that I am now a freelancer with my own business – removing the safety net of being an employee. It […]


Unwillingness to Challenge Yourself (a Mindset)

I was reminded the other day about the importance of challenging your concepts and ideas. So often we come up with an idea or understanding about something, and we’re unwilling, or unable, to step outside it and think whether there is another way to look at it. This is one of the problems we have as a species, developing a fixed mindset: that thing makes sense so I don’t want to think about it differently, or worse, I have some vested interest in this idea and I’m not willing […]

What's next?

Diversions, Opportunities and Planning Ahead – What’s Next?

This year has been one long diversion from the plan I started with, but that isn’t a bad thing and probably no different from many other years when I think about it. As I move through my current projects though I’m left wondering what’s next? There is a fantastic truism “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”. For some reason, I’m feeling it more acutely this year. Maybe that’s because I started the year with fantastic intentions on writing and, while I’ve written thousands of […]

Creative Dilemma

I’m Tired of Feeling So Exposed – a Creative Dilemma

I’ve been feeling exposed and raw recently, and since it’s nearly my birthday again it’s been a good chance to reflect about why and what to do. When this started I went through a range of ‘possible’ causes before I came up with the solution – bear with me. Not going to plan When I chose my three words for 2017 (Structure. Serve. Write.), I had no idea what the year had in store for me. This is the problem with planning and setting intentions – you’re only […]

Wonder Woman

Inspiration, aspiration and strong female characters – yep, Wonder Woman

I loved Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman as a child; she was so glamorous, smart and kick-arse. I’m mentioning this, of course, because I went to see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman on Friday. I wasn’t concerned, as many people appeared to be, about whether this would be another DC movie disaster – because I thought Wonder Woman was the best part of Batman vs Superman. Yes, that didn’t guarantee anything, except that I was all confidence Gal Gadot could carry off the character. I was not wrong, not even […]

failure good thing

Failure is an Important Part of the Process

We all need to understand that failure is simply part of the learning process; getting things wrong is a constant and important part of life. It’s when we accept this that true learning can begin. We are taught, from a young age, that getting things wrong is bad. If you fail at school, it means you aren’t smart enough, or you were too lazy and didn’t work hard enough. But this is so far from the truth! Many employers are starting to realise the importance of accepting failure in […]

Yellow Brick Road

It all comes back to the Yellow Brick Road

Even when I’m not in my world, writing my material, the Wizard of Oz analogy continues to creep back into my work. There has to be something to that, right?! I’ve started a new facilitation role with Swinburne Professional here is Tasmania. This is the business training part of Swinburne University of Technology, which is branching out into Tassie. As well as facilitation, I’m currently managing a project to update all of the public program curriculum – which is incredibly exciting and not just a little daunting at the […]

2017 three words

Where Did February Go? I Feel I Should Explain

I’m writing this at 5.20am; I’ve been up since about 4am. It’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve started waking for 1-2 hours during the night, but this is the first time I’ve given up and decided to do something productive over lying in bed wishing for sleep. But that doesn’t explain why I haven’t posted for a month. It’s not because I’ve been too busy, although I have been pretty productive this month. I’ve been writing, developing courses, catching up with people, and scheming. When […]

worth it

Failure, worth and outcomes – listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcast is pretty amazing (and I’ve only listened to a couple of them so far). One episode I recently finished was her conversation with Brené Brown on “Big Strong Magic” (Season 1 Episode 12). It’s only 35 minutes long, and inspired me to really consider failure and outcomes in a new way. They cover so many wonderful angles of being creative, being brave and all that it means – but my favourite part happens about 16 minutes in. It’s their discussion about the inspirational message “What […]


Thriving, Serving and Exciting Opportunities for 2017

Are you poised to make the most of opportunities when they arise in your life? Or do you simply watch them pass you by and kick yourself for not taking the chance when you could? I’ve lost count of the number of opportunities I’ve missed along this crazy 44 year journey. I still miss them, sometimes I’m still not prepared or willing to take on the risks, but for the most part they are calculated losses now. What’s more, I’m actually creating opportunities for myself, which is even […]