The Year I Changed My Life Through TED Talks

Do you want to regain control of your own life and destiny? Do you feel like something has to change but you don't know what, or whether you are allowed to? Do you ever feel like you are too unforgettable, unlovable or uninteresting for people to want to know you? This is really where the story begins...

Come on a journey through the story of My Year of TED - how 54 TED Talks, and 21 TED-Inspired 30-day activities allowed me to finally discover my authentic self, and what I want to do with my life. The great news is, it can do the same thing for you!

From the back cover...

Do you want to regain control of your life?
Know something needs to change but aren’t sure what?
Feel like you’re not allowed to change?
Then Do Share Inspire is your book.

Kylie Dunn radically transformed her ordinary days by watching more than 350 TED talks; taking ideas from 54 of the best; and applying that brilliance in her life. She’ll show you how to do the same through 21 TED inspired activities that will bring you the confidence and clarity to:

- Discover your authentic self
- Find greater happiness in every moment
- Realise you’re so much more powerful than you believe
- Gain the courage to make life-altering changes
- Become a stellar decision maker
- Step away from everyone else’s expectations of you
- Unravel your negative perceptions of yourself

This isn’t one woman’s journey, it’s your journey too. If you’ve ever felt forgettable, unlovable, uninteresting ... all that is about to change. Get ready. You’re about to go on the transformational adventure of a lifetime.

Praise from TED Speakers

Having given several TED talks, I can speak from experience that very few speakers expect that anyone will take what they say seriously enough to act on it.  Kylie Dunn did, launching a courageous year of taking TED talks to heart and translating them into action. This book is an inspiring account of Kylie's "Year of TED." I hope that people will read the book and learn from it that life change is possible.  And I hope that future TED speakers will read it and learn that they really need to mean what they say, as lives may hang in the balance.

Barry Schwartz, Professor of psychology at Swarthmore College. Bary has given three TED talks, watched by more than 10 million people. His most recent book, based on a TED talk, is "Why We Work."

What I really appreciated about Kylie's project, was that she opened up a broader discussion with these TED Talks. As a speaker, I enjoyed the connection to Kylie during her activity on leadership, and seeing what she's done overall. It's the sort of thing I wish happened more often.

Dave Logan, President of CultureSync, and teaches at the USC Marshall School of Business. His TED Talk on tribal leadership shares the ideas from his bestselling books on the topic.

Love the idea of going beyond the quick hit of a TED talk to test the ideas in real life. A brave, smart and fascinating experiment.

Carl Honoré, TED speaker and award-winning writer of a number of bestselling books on slowing down in all aspects of life.

Even the lucky few who attend the expensive TED conference tend to head home without making any change in their life. I so admire what Kylie has done here, and so glad she's shared her story, in this charming, captivating, and inspiring book.

Derek Sivers, creator, writer, speaker and entrepreneur who has delivered a number of popular TED Talks.

About the Author

It took Kylie Dunn 40 years, 54 TED talks and a 12-month self-development program to find her way home – to herself.

Born in Wollongong, NSW, the middle child of a working class family, Kylie never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. The result was living a life based on other people’s expectations – resulting in two failed marriages and a number of largely unfulfilling careers. That all changed after making the tree change to Tasmania with her wonderful partner Derek.

In her 40th year, Kylie decided to turn angst into action. In November 2011, inspired by literally hundreds of TED talks sharing a wide range of ideas, Kylie launched herself onto the often rocky ride she dubbed My Year of TED.

The ground-breaking program Kylie designed fused the universal wisdom of TED’s ideas into a pathway that led her to rediscover her authentic self, change her life and, finally, take ownership of what she wanted.

These days Kylie deliberately lives so far outside her comfort zone that she feels it no longer exists – at times she doesn’t recognise herself in the new life she has created. Now a TEDx speaker, trainer, consultant and published author, Kylie focuses on trying to help other people rediscover their authenticity, understand their own courage, and become better decision makers.

She does this with the loving support of her partner Derek and their beloved crazy dog Lily, in the comfort of the house they built together Tasmania’s Huon Valley.

Discover how to turn inspiration into action today!

  • q-iconWhat will I get from the book?

    That largely depends on what you want to take away. Different lessons and activities will resonate with different people. At a bare minimum, you will find out what doing a year of focused activity looks like. I’m certain that everyone who reads this will have an “it’s not just me” moment as well – it really is a very honest account.

  • q-iconWhy did you do this?

    My Year of TED? Or release it as a book? The project I did for me, to finally sort myself out and find a way to live a happier or more fulfilled life. Turning the blog into a book, well that was done to share the story more broadly and hopefully inspire other people to take more control of their own lives.

  • q-iconWhat is TED?

    I do explain this in the book – but TED is conference event. They host most of their talks on their website So largely this was a project to take a very popular source of inspirational videos and turn them into actionable tasks. Check out the TED Talks I used page if you want to see links to some of my favourites.

  • q-iconIs this more than what I get for free on the blog?

    This book is largely the free blog turned into a more easily digestible format. There is an introduction and an ending, and a lot of posts after October 2012 have not been included. The reason for turning it into the book is to make it easier for people to read, and increase the audience for the story. So if you don’t want to spend the money, feel free to read the 300-odd posts here.

  • q-iconDid you really change your life with this?

    Yes I did.

  • q-iconNo, but did you really change?

    Yes, in very real and meaningful ways.