Time for a Change: The 10 Step process to help you live a happier and more fulfilling life

This simple, step-by-step ebook and workbook, will take you through questions and activities that will lead to a greater understanding of what you want out of life. Discover:

  • Your Values and Needs

    Activities focused on helping you define your values and discover what your needs are.

  • Unhelpful Beliefs

    Activities defining success and examining blueprints that might be holding you back.

  • Your purpose, cause and belief

    Crafting your Why statements so you can start working out what you will do to achieve fulfilment.

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Like you, I was living a life where I didn't know what I wanted or what my purpose was in this world. I lived with an emptiness, a lack of fulfilment that I had never been able to resolve. I'd read books and articles about discovering my passion, but they were always too impractical and I was left not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up.

When I was 39, I started My Year of TED, a year-long self development project I created using the wisdom of TED Talks to change my life. Understanding my Why, or my purpose, was one of twenty-one 30 day activities that I completed in that year. The activity that allowed me to finally discover these things for myself, to finally define my purpose, cause and belief, was 30 day of Drive.

Based on TED Talks, and other content, from Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins, I created my own process for defining my Why - for working out what I want from the world and what I want to give the world. Living with Intent captures the 10 step process I created for myself - the practical and relatively simple process that has changed my life and allowed me to feel whole and fulfilled, for the first time.

I want to share this process with you, I want to help you discover your purpose in the world so you can know how wonderful it is to understand what you're here for. Through the process in Living with Intent you can develop a better understanding of who you truly are (your authentic self), and how to align your life with that real you to improve your fulfilment. Once you know what your Why is, and the What and How around achieving it, you can start to live a more intentional life, where all of your decisions are focused on reaching a known goal.

There were 10 steps involved in the process of trying to discover my purpose, some were more involved than others. These are the steps that I will guide you through in Living with Intent:

  1. Watching the TED Talks
  2. Reviewing Simon’s website content
  3. Tony’s personal strength reports
  4. Simon’s book and Tony’s introductory audio
  5. Answering Tony’s prompts
  6. Answering Simon’s prompts
  7. Finding your values
  8. Careers I’ve considered
  9. Drafting your purpose, belief and cause
  10. Following your purpose
  11. I've also included a bonus step - developing success statements - which came from 30 days of Choice, but aligns very well with the 30 days of Drive process.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook

(Kylie) does a wonderful job of combining personal reflections with the key points from the TED experts with actionable tips that can help the reader make actual progress on these topics.

- Dana Sitar, DIY Writing

After years of not understanding where I needed to be going I finally feel like I'm heading in the right direction. Thank you Kylie

- Shirley C

I enjoyed Living with Intent and will continue to refer to it often. It is a treasure I'll use time and again.

- Lynn S, Diversimom

I love the concept of the authors year of TED talks and this snapshot of exercises are thought provoking and inspiring to work through.

- Ros Cardinal, Shaping Change

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