When you go through an amazing life changing experience like My Year of TED, and you love writing and sharing things with others, it just makes sense that you'll create some resources along the way. Below are links for the books and ebooks you can buy - and further down the page are the free resources you can subscribe for.

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Do Share Inspire: The Year I Changed My Life Through TED Talks

Journey through the story of My Year of TED - how 54 TED Talks, and 21 TED-Inspired 30-day activities allowed Kylie to finally discover her authentic self, and what she wants to do with her life. Recounted through the blog entries of that year, and a few others since that crazy experiment with her life. Discover more...

Living with Intent: The 10 Steps to Defining Your Why from My Year of TED

A step-by-step guide to working out what you need, what you value and what success looks like for you - it will help you work out what will make you happy. Discover more...

Write to Launch

Write to Launch: A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishing

Most people say they want to write a book - yet few ever complete the task. Some people are put off by the difficulty of getting traditionally published, but self-publishing technologies have removed that obstacle. You just need to know the steps involved...and have the courage to take action! Discover more...

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The Do-Pad: a notepad for doodlers

With creative note pages, visual note-taking pages and a series of lists, the Do-Pad will support your unique note taking style. Be part of the Doodle Revolution today. Discover more...

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FYWH IllustrationFinding Your Way Home: Taking the First Step

Why do we stop being authentic? Why do we let other people's ideas influence us so much? After completing My Year of TED in 2012, I started thinking about what I had discovered about myself, and how it applies to other people.

This FREE short book explains that theory, and what we need to do to start living a more authentic life for ourselves. It's a first step; something to think about if you are tired of living a life that is not fulfilling for you.

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Living an Aligned Life: The Two Part Process to Making Better Choices

Do you hesitate when making big decisions? Do you doubt your ability to make the right decision, instead letting opportunities pass you by? Are you living the life you want, or the one other people have chosen for you?

This free resource is about helping you become a more confident and intentional decision maker for your own life - so you can live the life you want, not the one others want for you.

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