The Do-Pad

Do your notepads and meeting papers look like works of art? Do you find that you focus better when you are drawing patterns or even just filling in printed text? Do you prefer to take notes as a visual representation of the conversation at hand? Do people make comments about whether you are bored or paying attention because of your doodling?

If you answered "yes" to any of these then congratulations, you are a doodler! You are one of a large number of people who engage multiple learning modes to help you understand topics. And this means that you need to watch Sunni Brown's Doodlers, unite! TED talk and read her Doodle Revolutionary's Manifesto.

As well as this, I have designed a notepad for you. It's called the Do-Pad and it contains pages that provide you with spaces to create visual representations of topics, pages with shapes for you to trace, colour or fill and of course pages for you to simply take notes. I have recently released Version 2 of the Do-Pad which is twice the size of Version 1 and also includes a variety of lists: To Do Lists, Ponderings, Ideas and Dream lists.

Do-Pads are available in A4 and A5 through I have reduced the price of the Version 1 formats and Version 2 has been placed up at the original price of Version 1 (so twice as many pages for the same low price).

Links to the Lulu products
Join the doodling revolution and make a stand for more meaningful notetaking.

The images here are samples of some of the pages included in the Do-Pad. 


Julie Geigle said...

This is sooo cool. I love journaling and used to be a teacher and this would have been so much fun to have these notepads for my kids in class. Love the new twist you've put on an old hobby. ♥

Kylie Dunn said...

Thanks Julie. I wish I'd had notebooks like this at school instead of getting in trouble for drawing in the margins :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Dodo pad? Similar product for doodlers :)

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