flying trapeze

I Love Aerial Circus – here is why!

I’ve just shared a post on The Huffington Post – Ten Life Lessons from Aerial Circus! I’ve gotten so much out of my aerial circus experiences so far, so I thought I would share some of the ways it’s affected my everyday existence. For those of you who have been here a while, you might remember that journey started in January 2014, when I did a post about wanting to fly – and asked you all your ‘pipe’ dreams. Well, the post above includes video from the flying trapeze […]

Radio gaga? – no, the interview went quite well thank you

Forgive me if this is a little rambling, I have been awake for far too many hours today, after only four hours of sleep (and lunch is still an hour and a half away). Why the lack of sleep? I hear you ask. Well this morning I was interviewed by Ryk Goddard on ABC Local Radio here in Hobart about My Year of TED and the launch of the 90 Days of TED course. Listen to the interview here That’s right, after far too long for my liking, […]

What can I do to help you? No seriously, I want to know

Last week I released Finding your way home: the dinkylune manifesto, which is free when you subscribe to the dinkylune newsletter. There is a blog post (including sign up form) on the dinkylune website about the booklet. This is a huge step for me because it is defining my business and what I want to give to the world. For the past 28 months I’ve been writing this blog, capturing my experiences, thoughts and feelings as I have gone through the journey to find my authentic self. It […]

9 posts you should read about My Year of TED

I’ve had a lovely time the last week, since the TED Blog was [I want to say misguided enough but I know that is just my self-deprecating nature] wonderful enough to post another article about me. It’s entitled “How my Year of TED was a lot like the Wizard of Oz: A Q&A with Kylie Dunn“, but many of you are probably aware of that already. It is a Q&A that I did with one of their lovely writers, Kate Torgovnick May, about my TEDx Talk and my […]

Following the Yellow Brick Road

This is a post that I have been thinking about for a long time, but I just haven’t quite gotten around to writing. I think that is mainly because the idea is so central to how I felt about My Year of TED from about 5 months in, and I want to get this post right. But if all I ever do is write it in my head then it will never happen, and I can always improve on it later, so here goes. At about the five […]

A moment of courage – not by me

You know how life can be a little random at times, well I had one of those moments on Thursday where you sit back and think “did that really happen?” It related to a job that I had over four years ago, and one of my staff members. I don’t need to go into too much detail here, suffice to say what had been a pretty good working relationship deteriorated rapidly over an incident, and I was very glad that I left when I did. To say that […]

Reflection – 30 days of vulnerability

This was always going to be an interesting activity, since I have said many times that a large part of this whole project is about vulnerability. So to step that focus up for 30 days was always going to be a challenge. There were four specific things that I wanted to include in this activity, so it is probably best if I address each of these separately. The first three are based on Brené Brown’s amazing talks on shame, vulnerability and courage – The power of vulnerability and Listening to shame. Courage and […]

Day 309 – authenticity challenges in the workplace

Being authentic is not an easy thing to do, otherwise we’d all be doing it 🙂 I’ve been trying to be more authentic since the beginning of this project, which is why I’ve said that this whole project is about vulnerability. But now that I am focusing on being more authentic it has made me realise just how often I am not. This is usually done so I won’t upset or offend other people, but sometimes it is because I do not want to deal with the confrontation […]

Activity 18 – 30 days of vulnerability

We’re rapidly approaching the end of My Year of TED, with only four more activities to go. With that in mind, I decided that it was time to kick it up a notch and take on the big one. You all had to know that a dedicated vulnerability activity was on its way, time for me to really embrace the concept. The talks This activity is based on three talks, the first two being Brené Brown’s amazing talks on shame, vulnerability and courage – The power of vulnerability and Listening to shame. Brené’s talks inspired […]

Day 267 – regrets… I have a few

The activity of 30 days of being wrong has two aspects to it. First is, being more open to the possibility of being wrong, which includes trying to be more accepting of that. The second part is trying to be more comfortable with the regrets in my life. So what are the regrets that I think I need to be more comfortable with, and why do I struggle with them? Two failed marriages Let’s start with the big ones, since they are the ones I probably struggle with […]