Lessons from my first course launch – or what happens when you think small and don’t trust yourself

I decided that I should write a blog post about my experiences in the last month as I launch my first course – 90 Days of TED. In short, I knew that I probably wasn’t prepared enough to launch this course, and my suspicions were borne out in the events of the last couple of weeks. The worst part was not the failings in process, but the failings in my own beliefs – but you’ll see that as we go through. If you are considering launching an online […]

Radio gaga? – no, the interview went quite well thank you

Forgive me if this is a little rambling, I have been awake for far too many hours today, after only four hours of sleep (and lunch is still an hour and a half away). Why the lack of sleep? I hear you ask. Well this morning I was interviewed by Ryk Goddard on ABC Local Radio here in Hobart about My Year of TED and the launch of the 90 Days of TED course. Listen to the interview here That’s right, after far too long for my liking, […]

Progress on 90 Days of TED, and a favour please

Have you ever wanted to make radical changes in your life? Do you want to understand more about what makes you tick? Would you like to do something similar to My Year of TED, but don’t have the time to dedicate to a whole year? I’m in the process of finishing a course for you, a three month course that will lead you through the same sort of things I did in My Year of TED. In the course you will do a small part of almost all […]