Money, Mastery and Meaning – a great quote from James Altucher

I subscribe to James Altucher’s Insider’s List. He sends some amazingly insightful snippets into my inbox. Today was a brilliant piece about the three ways you can be paid – money, mastery and meaning. This was my favourite quote and, given that I am about to embark on the challenge of being my own boss, has become my new wallpaper: Just thought I would share that one with the rest of you. Hope you are all having a 3M kind of day. This article is © Copyright – All […]

If I could do anything I would learn to fly – and I don’t mean like a bird

I don’t mean in a plane either This answer will probably surprise pretty much everyone, but removing all of the limitations in my life (and given my age, increasing lack of fitness and the fact that I don’t think anyone in Hobart teaches this, I think these limitations are real, not perceived) – at this point in my life my answer is I would fly. By this I mean I’d learn to be an aerialist, ideally with silks or straps if we’re talking pipe dreams, but I’d be […]