Physical copies, publicity and plugging away

Do you sometimes take a step back and look at your life and think something like “How the hell did I get here?” Or “What was I thinking? This will never work.” I think we all have those moments, and often they occur when negative events occur – like when you find out your husband is cheating on you, or you start a new job that isn’t going to plan. But sometimes those words come to you when you’ve achieved a goal, or you’ve nearly achieved it and you’re […]

Updates on Asking, since it’s over 30 days

So I still haven’t received the proof copy of the paperback, I’m slowly losing my mind about this. I’ve got another copy coming via a (hopefully) more reliable delivery service than Australia Post, so hopefully when I get home on Wednesday night I will finally be able to proof the damn thing. What does this have to do with Asking? Well, I’ve been putting a couple of things off because I’ve been waiting to see if I will get copies of the book by the beginning of December […]

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Self-Publishing – so far!

The last couple of weeks have been an incredible roller coaster of emotions, I seriously don’t know how I’m actually coping with it all. I still don’t have a proof copy of the paperback – we can thank the less than efficient service of Australia Post for that one, seriously do not get me started about this! But I’m trying to remain positive and keep pushing forward with all the plans, assuming that the proof will be great and I can put in an order to arrive at […]

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An update on Asking, and when people say no

Okay, I will preface this by saying if you are new here then you need to understand I don’t shy away from admitting that I am a very broken person – I think we all are in our own ways. Since completing My Year of TED, I’m far less broken than I used to be, but this post might not be the best one to convince you of that. Actually, it should be a great post to convince you of that since I’m willing to admit this to […]

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The book launches today! ebook versions

I made it to book launch day with my sanity intact – well as much as I usually possess anyway. Today is four years since I started My Year of TED; four years since I took a crazy journey with my sanity and life. I cannot believe how much I have changed in the last four years. The changes continue to embed themselves in my life, and some of the ‘problems’ I still struggle with regularly – you know the incredibly human issues around being courageous and owning […]

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Decision made, more asking and I’m weary

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback about the book covers – and title. I’ve gone through so many emotions trying to make these decisions, and I appreciate all of the support. This is what I decided on:    The ebook is now available for pre-purchase on Amazon – checkout the webpage for the book for links on purchasing (ePUB and physical books will be online soon). So many decisions… I don’t think I realised just how many decisions I would have to make in such a […]

Help Me Pick a Book Cover (please)

Okay, so I have finally decided on a title – now I have to pick a book cover. There are far too many choices in this book publishing process, I’ve already made about a hundred and still a dozen important ones to go! Please leave a comment and let me know which one of these covers you prefer, or if you don’t think any of them hit the mark. I’d love to know what you like and why, thanks in advance. Book Cover 1 Book Cover 2 Book […]

Asking for Support and the Damn Book Title

I’m four days into 30 days of Asking, and it’s going extremely well. I’ve sent a few emails to TED speakers mainly asking if they are willing to support the promotion of the book – there are many more to send in the next few days. I’ve received some wonderful support from people I have ‘asked’ so far in this activity, which is making me braver in asking others. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the TED Speakers are lovely. I’ve also been asking friends on […]

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Activity 22 – 30 Days of Asking

Yes, after three years I am doing my first 30 day activity; it’s exciting! There was a small activity in mid-2013, but this is was very minor in comparison. I decided to do this to coincide with finalising the book and launching it into the world – you’ll get why as you read on. The Talk Of course, this activity is based on Amanda Palmer’s fantastic TED Talk The Art of Asking. I have to say that it will also be based on her book, since I’ve read […]

Want to Help Me Pick a Book Title? Take the Poll

So, My Year of TED is going to become a book, the blog that is. I’m writing another book about the experience and lessons, more removed from the day-to-day occurrences of the project, and including a bit more about my life actually. For now, I have to title the blog book. I hate titling books, much like I hate titling blog posts. You’d think with around 350 blog post titles I’d be better at it – you’d be wrong. So, I’m crowdsourcing some input into this one; below […]