Gratitudes – Day 16 – Photos and Work

Ah Monday, you have been so quiet and cold! It must be snowing somewhere, because there has been a chill in the air that I generally only associate with snow down here. But I digress, it is time for the daily gratitudes, and are you all just a little pleased that I’m on the downhill slide with these?

  1. Photos – StumbleUpon sent me to a great article where I found some fantastic free stock photo sites, check it out (and yes the swan comes from one of them).
  2. Heater – given it has been so chilly for the last couple of days, I was very grateful for the heater we put in beside my desk when I started working this morning.
  3. Clients – or an easy to work with client to be precise, and the other person who works on her website as well. It’s just nice to have easy clients.

I had a haircut today, but that was not the positive experience, although she did do a great job with my hair. I had a new hairdresser this time and I asked her the question I generally ask all of my hairdressers “what made you want to become a hairdresser?” It might seem like an odd thing to ask, but I hate small talk, so I’ve found over the last couple of years that if I ask them this question I get to avoid small talk, and usually find out something a little fascinating in the process. Today’s hairdresser was probably the most passionate one I’ve come across – she is one of those seldom found people who always knew what they wanted to be, and you can tell by the way that she talks about it that she loves her work.

So here is a question for you – what made you become a “insert-role-here”? I’m always fascinated to know whether people are like my hairdresser (always known what they want to be); like me (didn’t know for the longest time but finally worked it out; or, like a lot of other people I know (still don’t know what they want to be).

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Gratitudes – Day 15 – Progress and Art

It was another fairly quiet day today, which was needed. Here are the gratitudes:

  1. Art – we visited a photographic exhibition in Hobart this morning, nice to get out and some lovely images.
  2. Missing a call – yes I am grateful that I missed a call this morning, because I was not in the right mindset for the conversation that would have occurred.
  3. Progress – finished a one-pager for speaking and developed a much greater clarity in brig able to explain my message topics.

I know I should also be doing a positive activity for the day, but I’ve decided I need to spend less time online of a weekend – which might be the positive event in itself.

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Gratitudes – Day 14 – Relaxing

It was a pretty slow day today, so some very simple gratitudes.

  1. Chat – a very nice morning helping out a friend and chatting about business.
  2. Relaxing – a few hours just spent on the lounge, in front of the fire, chilling.
  3. Derek – I’m always grateful for my lovely, supportive partner, today he just reminded me why I think he’s so fantastic :-)

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Gratitudes – Day 13 – Lucky for some

I’ve always liked the number 13, not sure why people think it’s unlucky but I’ve never found that to be the case – and today was no exception to that. So, on with the gratitudes:

  1. Movement – yes my muscles were more sore this morning, but I got up early and have stretched (and moaned) and all is good. Can’t wait for next week’s circus class!
  2. Walking – I was out and about today, and Lily came to keep me company. We took a 20 minute break to give her some beach time (well bay time).
  3. Lunch – had a lovely lunch today with Derek – Global Kitchen, yummmm.

Catching up and progress

I also had a lovely coffee catch up with one of the people I knew through my last government job. We were discussing the possibility of me speaking at an event, which she is very keen for me to do. More than that, she also had some wonderful ideas about ways I could approach getting into more schools here in Tasmania, to speak about owning your choices and giving yourself permission. A very successful catch up, and also a nice chance to reconnect with a lovely person.

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Gratitudes – Day 11 – Ouch!

There is a good reason that this is a day late, I started circus class last night, and when I got home at 9pm I was more interested in eating than doing this post :-) so here are yesterday’s gratitudes:

  • Asking – I got in contact with a couple of people and made the ask, one for a point of contact and the other about speaking at their school. I always enjoy it when I’m brave enough to ask.
  • Walking – I stopped procrastinating and took Lily for a lovely walk, the mushroom was from that walk.
  • Dad – my father got great results from the doctor on his prostate cancer, all removed and everything else is as it should be.

Now my positive event for the day was finally making a start on the ‘one thing’ I mentioned over a year ago. Last night I started circus aerial class! Yes, that’s right, I found a place that does this 15 minutes away from me. I am learning the hoop, trapeze and silks. Whilst it will be a very long time before I can actually do anything half way interesting, I’ve started – and starting is one of the biggest hurdles to get over.

Maybe I should feel a little less positive about this today, because I can’t move without knowing exactly which muscles are being engaged, by the pain involved. But I don’t care. I started! And I am stronger than I thought I was, which was an added bonus. Now I just need some flexibility, core strength, triceps – oh yeah, and to get over turning upside down, since that’s a pretty significant part of all of these activities. But I’m showing up, I’m in the arena!

So that leads me to challenge you all again. What is your ‘one thing’? If you could not fail, if you could make any change or have any experience, what would it be?

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Gratitudes – Day 10 – Success and Yummy dinner

Today was a pretty low ebb day, so these are quite important for me to note today.

  1. Doctor – I love being in Hobart because there is seldom a time that I need to wait for a doctor’s appointment, and today was no exception. On top of that, I got an answer to one of my weird maladies and a way ahead to try and sort out the other.
  2. Success – Lesson Four is complete, with the slides. I’ve had someone reviewing all of the material, and they think it’s good, so only one lesson left to go.
  3. Yummy – Derek made Claypot Chicken for us tonight. I know it goes against weekday vegetarian but it’s such a yummy recipe that I had to make an exception.

And I think that will be all for tonight – take a moment to think of your gratitudes, even if you don’t write them down.

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Gratitudes – Day 9 – Dog cuddles and Back on track

Not sure why Mondays are proving to be more productive for me than usual, but I’m not complaining. Here are today’s gratitudes:

  1. Lily – I spent a little time cuddling with my crazy puppy this morning, which is a lovely way to start the day.
  2. Forward motion – I’ve been procrastinating on a task that I want to do, but my brain seemed to think otherwise. Today I finally got it sorted, and was happy with the result.
  3. Flow – Lesson Four of the new online course I’m creating is now recorded, which is always a bit of an arduous task. Not because it’s difficult to record, but because it’s crap listening back and taking out all of the long pauses and stuff ups.

The positive event for the day is that I sat down and sorted out my to-do list for the week. I’ve been getting much better at having a detailed list each day, but I wanted to have a master list for the week, because there are a few things that I think I’m losing focus on. I managed to tick two things off today, but they were fairly significant, so I’m happy with that as a result.

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Gratitudes – Day 8 – Sleep, Flow and Outlander

A pretty quiet day today, feeling under the weather from my crappy jaw pain, but let’s go for the good stuff:

  1. Sleeping in – not a long sleep in, but long enough to feel very rested.
  2. Flow – I’ve almost finished the script for the fourth module of the social media course I’m creating. This one went fairly well.
  3. Outlander – It’s Sunday, which means a new episode of Outlander. I’m grateful even though I haven’t watched it yet.

That’s going to be all for today. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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Gratitudes – Day 7 – Making and Chainsaws

A week of gratitudes is now complete, and I’ve been enjoying getting back into this. Maybe it’s the structure of having another 30 day activity after all these years, or maybe it’s the gratitude process itself. Either way, it’s great to do.

  1. Creating – spending some time this morning making new products: BLISS.
  2. Socialising – a lovely few hours spent with friends, cutting firewood (hence the chainsaws).
  3. Relaxing – a very low pressure day with lots of moments to relax.

There wasn’t a stand-out event for the day. Time spent with friends was lovely, but with such a low ebb day I think they’re all gratitudes.

What were you grateful for today? Is anyone else playing along?

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